Event Streaming Hub for Multi-Messenger Astronomy

What is hop.scimma

Event streaming service for MMA

Hop.SCIMMA is a hub which will be offering real-time streams of candidate discoveries from MMA experiments.

Hop.SCIMMA allows observatories to publish streams of candidates and discoveries, and scientists, brokers, and TOMs to subscribe to these streams. Hop.SCIMMA is powered by Hopskotch.

Quick Start

Hop.SCIMMA provides access to streams of events from a variety of MMA facilities, typically transmitted in JSON or Avro formats. These events will generally be consumed programmatically, using libraries compatible with Hopskotch's Apache Kafka-based backend.

The recommended tool to connect to Hop.SCIMMA is hop-client, a Python library and command-line utility. The following code snippet shows how to install hop-client, obtain a Hop.SCIMMA access token and authenticate, and finally how to connect and receive messages:

# install the client
$ pip install hop-client

# create an account at https://my.hop.scimma.org and wait for approval
# after approval, login and create credentials at https://my.hop.scimma.org

# enter the credentials into the hop authentication prompts:
$ hop auth add

# receive test messages from the heartbeat stream (approximately one per second)
$ hop subscribe kafka://kafka.scimma.org/sys.heartbeat

# receive new messages from GCN (will take several minutes for a new message to arrive)
$ hop subscribe kafka://kafka.scimma.org/gcn.circular

# read all stored messages from GCN 
$ hop subscribe -e -s EARLIEST kafka://kafka.scimma.org/gcn.circular
An in-depth setup tutorial is available on the hop-client GitHub wiki.

Try it in our notebook environment

SCIMMA Analysis Platform

Hosted Jupyter for MMA

SCIMMA's analysis platform provides a full-featured remote Jupyter environment, with all the required Hopskotch packages pre-installed.

Log in and run some of the included demo notebooks to give Hopskotch a try.